Let's face it, parenthood in itself can be one of the most challenging feats of all times. With the addition of a child's behavioral or emotional concern, it can feel like stress levels are through the roof. Sometimes you are the last person that comes to your mind during intense moments with your child. However, without implementing effective communication techniques and utilizing healthy coping mechanisms, you are bound to continue in a vicious cycle of reactive responses to your child's needs. 

Individual Treatment - I offer individualized services for parents, catered to each person's specific needs. This can entail anywhere from a single session for a parent to let off steam and implement new coping mechanisms, to ongoing treatment to assist in a challenging developmental stage in your child's life. 

Group Treatment- Sometimes being surrounded with other parents who are struggling in their own ways can offer ample opportunity to feel validated, find creative solutions and have collective support from the group. If interested, please let me know and I can notify you of any upcoming groups.


The way you parent often reflects how you were parented, unless conscious effort is made to amend this pattern.