Children communicate through play! I work from a predominantly psychodynamic perspective when working with children. This means that I identify themes within the play, acknowledge symbolism of various topics introduced by the child, and feel that healing can take part within the play dynamic. I help parents learn to communicate through and interpret their children's emotions revealed through play dynamics. 

Here are some of the reasons parents bring their children to see me: 

  • Birth of new sibling
  • Traumatic event - abuse, witness domestic violence, neglect, natural disaster, medical trauma (see Child Trauma Therapy)
  • Grief/Loss situation
  • Separation/Divorce of parents
  • Emotional/behavioral concerns in child: aggression, withdrawal, anxiety, sadness, irritability, anger toward parent, poor school performance, difficulty in sibling or friend relationships, selective mutism

Above all else, I believe that relationships shape who we are, primarily that between parent and child.  When helping children, I not only feel that it is tremendously advantageous, but at times necessary to work alongside a caregiver/parent in the treatment for a child. Parents who come to see me are open to feedback about their parenting approach and are willing to put in the work for the sake of their relationship with their child. As partners in the work, we can navigate intense emotion, heal unspeakable pain or rebuild any attachment rupture. I can also conduct consultations with teachers, pediatricians and any other care providers when appropriate, in order to work within the child's entire ecosystem. When the entire network of care is working together in the child's best interest, it is more likely that the healing from therapy will continue outside of the therapy room and have long-lasting results.